How do you pronounce BACO?
BAE-KOH /beɪ kəʊ/ before anything else.
A term of endearment for something or someone you love
Is BACO vegan?
No animals were hurt in the making of BACO. BACO is also gluten free. That's right Coeliac fam, we're here for you too. 
FYI: HD Foods products is manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, soy, wheat & milk. 
What ingredients are in BACO? 
If we tell you, we may have to kill you. Kidding! BACO contains oil (duh), aromatics such as garlic, shallots, several different varieties of onions, ginger and spices including star anise, bay leaves, cardamom, mixed with our secret chilli concoction. We are also MSG-free, so your BACO addiction has nothing to do with MSG. 
How do you store BACO?
BACO does not have any preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours, no added sugar, so it's best to store BACO in your belly, but if you can't do that all at once, then BACO is best refrigerated.
What does R.S.L mean on your packaging?
Warning the next part is NSFW, R.S.L is an acronym for 'ring-sting-level' (our founder thinks she's got jokes).

Can I change or cancel my order once I've placed it?
If you want to change your order please complete our enquiry form here with your order details ASAP and we will try and help, however our warehouse fairies may have already sent it out. They love to be efficient. Please don't yell at them.
Will you ship to me internationally?
Unfortunately, at this stage our kangaroos have not yet learnt to swim but we're working on it! 
How do I contact HD Foods?
For love letters to our founder, you can post them to:
64 Sutton Street, North Melbourne 3051
For all other enquiries, click here.
Can I order by telephone?
No. Sorry. We have snobbishly decided to be a 100% online business.
What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Google Pay. We regrettably no longer accept snacks as payment, due to it being very silly and not economical. 
Will you give out my details to third parties?
We think you could really do with some Viagra subscriptions. Kidding. NO. Never. Eww. Yuck. 
How much does shipping cost?
We offer free shipping for orders over $99 or we charge a flat rate of $8.95 for shipping right across Australia.
No Rice? 
No luck finding the answer to your question? Send our fairies an enquiry by clicking here, they love hearing from people outside of their 5km radius.